Upcoming Exhibitions


  • Court Gee – Learning by Doing

    lady liberty (the one in new york)


    Opening Reception: August 24th, 7:00-9:00pm
    Exhibition Dates: August 24 – September 29 2018
    Location: Project Studios 184 Munro Street

    Subverting function with wry humour, court gee uses readymade and craft based
    materials to create comedic, and often absurd, installations. responding to the
    ‘landscape’ of the site, these materials are strategically positioned, with the tropes of
    formal presentation in mind, to resist their intended use. because of this, these works
    often read as objects out of place.

    Through these pairings, court gee puts into question the viewers own relationship to the
    materials, situating the nonsensical narratives in a continuous loop of reality and
    artificial. where viewer is left to challenge and rediscover their relationships to
    everyday objects.

    Project Studios is located at 184 Munro Street (rear) and is open for receptions and by appointment only. For more information please contact devan@projectgallery.ca