Tania Guzman: June 11-17


Opening Reception: Thursday June 11th, 6-10pm (RSVP)

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – 17, 2015

Tania Guzmán begins with the interplay of raw emotion and the free flow of colour. Remaining natural to her emotive and passionate state, Guzmán mixes colours, her gestural use of paint creating lines, forms, and images that become narrative. Guzmán’s continues to build with delicate layering, repeating her initial raw expression to ultimately evolve the image. Some elements or features become veiled while others emerge, texturing her work to create a strong sense of atmosphere. Often drawing on her past experiences, Guzmán is largely influenced by family heritage. She brings elements from Mexico and Canada to her work, incorporating both coastal and northern colours to find balance within one’s sense of place. This process results in layers of emotion, memory, and sensory experience, with a range of energy, from elegant sensuality to aggressive tension.

Tania Guzmán is a Mexican-Canadian painter born in Toronto. She has lived in Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. These diverse countries have influenced Guzmán’s creative processes and her aesthetic approach. Guzmán’s time in Mexico influenced her painting by absorbing the rich culture of the State of Oaxaca, as she studied the colours of the Pacific coast and incorporated them into her palette. More recent works evoke the light and colours of the North, as well as the transition and shifting emotive balance between these two worlds. Guzmán currently resides in Toronto and has established a loft studio in the Leslieville art district. Her personal style has been introduced to a Canadian audience and has successfully incorporated her family heritage, inspired by the colours of her multinational experiences. She was recently commissioned for a permanent installation at the Sickkids Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning and was elected to the Society of Canadian Artists. Guzmán continues to incorporate new skills but has been self-taught, always motivated by the power of colour, family heritage, and the creation of expressionistic images.