Shifting States: Aug 16 – 21, 2013



Exhibition Dates: August 16th – 21, 2013

Opening Reception: August 16th 2013, 7-11 PM

We constantly shift from one moment to the next, or one phase to another, and it is often the instance of that shift we hold dear in our memory. The particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time can at any moment change in position, direction, or tendency. The shift can be noticeable or completely concealed, but the fact that the change happened has an effect, a meaning, and a purpose.

This exhibit presents the many changes that have or will take place in people, places, or things at the instance of their epoch to demonstrate how a single moment can transform life.

Featuring artworks by:
Gregory Hughes
Alyssa Heron
Allison Boddy
Robyn Lee
Alan Mckee
Marcela Donefer
Bailey Henderson
Simon Sweetman
Vee Park
Corbin Kosak
Penny Leong Browne
Michele Niffeler
Alisdair Macrae
Kathy Mcdonnell