Salon Show: April 3 – 13, 2014

SALON FLYER (smaller logo)

Project Gallery will be hosting a large-format salon style exhibition of contemporary artworks from April 3-13th, entitled the SALON SHOW. The Salon exhibition style was established in 1667 in France by the Academie des Beaux-Arts and held in the Louvre. To accommodate the vast quantity of work submitted by students of the Academie, artworks were displayed from floor to ceiling with little space separating frames. This style has since been incorporated throughout history in museums and galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario’s display of its European collection.

Project Gallery will be integrating this historic exhibition style in its upcoming Salon Show, opening Thursday April 3 (6-10pm). With over 80 local, Canadian and international artists’ work in the exhibition, the gallery’s walls will be strategically filled with over 300 artworks 24” x 24” or smaller. In celebration of Project Gallery’s collaboration of historic tradition and contemporary artwork, there will be an opening reception Thursday, April 3rd from 6-10pm. There will also be a closing reception on Sunday, April 13th from 2-6pm.

Featuring Artworks by:

Fathom Apparatus, Julie  Agro, Neal Armstrong, Jeff Blackburn , Loredana Blandisi, Vera Bobson, Alison Boddy, Jen Bolt, Peter Boskovic, Rosalind  Breen , Jack  Bregman, Alex Buchanan, Chris  Cann, Chen  Cao, Vanessa  Clark, Sarah  Ebisuzaki, Agnieszka  Foltyn, Billy Franklin, Merry Fung, David  Harcombe, Brian Harvey, Djamil Imane, Michael  Irvine, Eric  Jackson, Eric  Jackson, Lisa Johnson, Andre  Kan, Singithi  Kandage, Jeannine Kitzhaber, Bridgit Lanni, Lynn  Leonard, Nicole Little, Les Luxemburger, Lorette  Luzajic, Jonathan Macagba, Jonathan Macagba, Mathieu Martel, Mayra  Majano, Christina Mazzulla, Cate McGuire, Alan  Mckee, Vanessa McKernan, Jordan Mckie, Anya Mielniczek, Catherine  Morelli , Lisa Ng, Michael  Novak, Riitta Oittinen, Michael  Pace, Faith  Patrick , Chris Perez, Michael Pietrocarlo, Frances  Petella , Chris  Peters, Jennie Philpott, Paige Potter, Michel  Prentice, Monique Resnik, Spencer Robertson, Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Monika  Rosen , Kate Rowlands, Callen Schaub, Kyle  Scheurmann, Stace Schmidt, Kat  Serediuk, Shawn  Skeir, Jennifer Smithwell, Cortney  Stephenson, Mui-Ling T eh, Karen  Taylor, Tony Taylor, Apanaki Temitayo, Doug Temple, Andrew Testa, Thyra  Thomson, Milo  Tomtom, Ilana  Van Zyl, Richard  Warner, Agent X, Joanna Yetter, Suzana Zanettos, Ted  Zourntos, and Kristyn  Watterworth