CHRIS HARMS: “Rise in Fall”

Project Gallery Studios


Opening Reception: Thursday Nov 12 (6-10pm) at Project Gallery Studios (184 Munro Street*)


Exhibition Dates: Nov 12 – Dec 2, 2015


Chris Harms’ artwork explores the relationship between our city’s constant state of construction and its citizens. Creating vibrant and elegant sculptures with plexiglass that resemble earth-moving excavators, Harms invites the viewer to enjoy the unique reflections, surfaces, and layering his works produce while considering the transformative time between what was and what is to come.  Harnessing light and colour, Harms’ work is intended to build a feeling of expansion and possibility, and functions as an exploration of space and physicality through refined aesthetic sensibilities.


Chris Harms is a self taught artist living and working in Toronto.


*Project Gallery Studios is located at 184 Munro St, and accessible through the back entrance at the southeast corner of Blackburn St. and Mount Stephens St. The studio exhibition space is open for receptions and by appointment only.