Resonant Overtones: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2013



Opening Reception: Thursday Nov 28 (7-11pm)

Exhibit Dates: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2013

We seek moments of beautiful resonance, a harmonious synchronicity with our world. We tried to capture the moments, emotions, and stories that overtone our lives.

Here’s the write ups for their work:

Built of a Story by Mathieu Martel

Utilizing elements of collage, digital painting, and pattern work, Mat tries to capture the story of moments most pivotal in his adult life. Both the patterns and animal skulls, each with a distinct metaphorical relationship to one another, playfully weave a tale of growth and enlightenment he has experienced within the past year.

Connectivity by Kristyn Watterworth

Combining remnants of studio hardware and figurative images of people engaged in a instance of flow, Kristyn Watterworth has painted her idea of resonant moments. Using layer upon layer of paint built up on surfaces that many people have had a part in creating, she creates an abstract world for which her figures to exist.