REEL: Sept 4-10



Reception: Friday September 5 (7-11pm)

Exhibition: Sept 4 – Sept 10, 2014

Featuring Artworks by:

Agent X
Ann Phillips Somers
D.C Nchama
Erika Yeomans
Justin Blayney
Michael Irvine
Monika Rosen
Robert Quance
Simon Welch
Stace Schmidt

The Toronto International Film Festival is a world-renowned public film festival hosted by the city of Toronto since 1976. The festival celebrates the art of filmmaking around the world and honours the very best of contemporary cinema. Project Gallery is pleased to announce it will be hosting a group exhibition, during TIFF, drawing inspiration from all things film.

Film is an art media more often categorized as entertainment, but in virtue of its accessibility and universality of engaging multiple senses it is a powerful tool. REEL offers artists the opportunity to explore the experience of the viewer, a character or the creator and create work derived from movie stills, iconic characters, symbols or objects from films, film and video art itself, odes to the film industry and its characters (actors, directors, icons), alternative movie posters etc.