Painting Canada- Jerry Campbell and Kevin Columbus: June 25-July 8


columbus_4x6Opening Reception: Thursday June 25th from 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 25- July 8, 2015

PAINTING CANADA features the work of Ontario based painters—Jerry Campbell and Kevin Columbus. Campbell and Columbus primarily work in oil paint, using the plein-air technique. To paint en plein-air is to create works entirely on-site, as Campbell and Columbus seek meaning through direct contact with landscape.  These artists also create larger canvas works based on these studies, interpreting their interactions with landscape in the studio.

Plein-air is a technique originally practiced by French expressionists, and can be seen more locally with the Group of Seven’s traditional Canadian landscapes. Campbell and Columbus bring the plein-air technique to contemporary settings, often painting landscapes in Toronto and Northern Ontario. PAINTING CANADA provides urban contexts to the plein air technique, the spirit of these works reflective of previous masters, while providing the familiarity of contemporary subjects.

Campbell and Columbus’ paintings use their close contact with sites, as well as personal experiences to insert dynamic narratives into their surroundings. These diverse narratives have the ability to depict both mundane and tension-filled subjects, bringing atmospheric and fantastical moods to simplistic sites. Using light, colour, and contemporary imagery, Campbell and Columbus create distinctive spaces that reveal the individuality of perception.  This exhibition will be host to the Ontario Plein Air Society Challenge on July 4th and the 5th Leslieville Gallery Crawl on June 28th. PAINTING CANADA reminds viewers of the importance of place and self, and how they affect the sight of both artists and art-lovers alike.