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 Opening Reception: Thursday April 2nd, 7-11pm

Exhibition Dates: April 2 – 15, 2015

ORIGINAL SIN is the title of a new series of paintings by ROBERT FARMER that explores themes of atheism and contemporary culture through paintings of Star Wars Stormtroopers with fashionable add-ons. Commenting on the diminishing allure of organized religion, and the new customs and beliefs associated with a pop-culture driven society, the artist suggests that something like Star Wars may be a suitable substitute for religion given its emphasis on admiration and inclusiveness as opposed to judgment and repercussion. Farmer plays with the genders and fashion accessories of these mass-produced agents of the dark side of the force, altering their severe lack of personality and independence in the simultaneously draconian and fictional world of the Stormtrooper.

THE CODEINE CHRONICLES refers to recent works by RON LORANGER. The images in his drawings are sourced from different social networks online, this practice allows him to capture digital images that he then transposes with ink and watercolour. Loranger’s work plays with the voluptuousness and viscosity of watercolour pigments, and with fragmented drawings set randomly on paper, revealing an intricate, precise, and laborious savoir-faire. Somewhat counter to current trends of archiving and manipulating images by means of a computer, Loranger creates a bank of hand -drawn works on paper from digital sources that he then incorporates into his artworks. De-digitizing the images he references, Loranger adopts a kind of Back to the Future artistic approach.