No Swimming: July 25 – Aug 1, 2013


Opening Reception: Thursday July 25th 7-11 pm

Exhibition Dates: July 25th – August 1st 2013

NO SWIMMING is an upcoming local art exhibit presented by Project Gallery and curated by Oscar Figueroa. The show includes paintings, sculpture, photography, and installation works. Any person/animal/thing will participate in the world through the means in which it is capable of. NO SWIMMING seeks to present unique ways in which things (conscious and unconscious) interact with the limited spaces around them: what happens when physical boundaries are restrictive? What is a physical boundary? How do things acknowledge physical boundaries and react to them? How do we/can we/should we move beyond physical boundaries?

Featuring works by: Jonathan Macagba, Hugh Mater, Andro Grdinic, Paul Cade, Jennifer Sims, Paule Kelly-Rhéaume, Oscar Figueroa, Peter Rahul, Julia Campisi & Alex Flint, Tuomas Koskialho, Nicole Little, Richard Fomo, Sarah Kim, Anastasya Koshkin.