Matt Waples Solo: Nov 13 – 19



Opening Reception: Thursday November 13th, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: Nov 13-19, 2014

This exhibition features two bodies of work that were produced during a period of experimentation with a dye diffusion transfer process, more commonly known as instant peel-apart film. The work is built off of the relationship between intuitive and open-ended experiments, which are controlled by premeditated gestures and material processes.

Untitled (shapes) presents a series of unique photograms created through a re-contextualization of certain ordinary and increasingly obsolescent objects. Many of the images were created by using a common negative carrier, an imperative object for photographic enlargement and solely utilitarian by nature. Through multiple exposures and changes in orientation, the photogragh transforms a disregarded object to a noteworthy subject by collapsing its formal shape in on itself. Upon inspection of a single print, the seemingly simple result subtly displays the traces of its creation: each placement of the carrier, and subsequent exposure of light. Together the sequence of images creates a melodic progression through colour and form that draw inspiration from the concepts and aesthetics of visual music.

Photographic Paintings Using Light and Miscellaneous Liquids is a series combining timed exposures (5-20 min) in ambient light, with an extraneous liquid applied to the film plane before development. While the liquid applied is by all means superfluous, it became the catalyst in the production of the images, and caused something that counteracted the dramatic overexposure. The visual, and conceptual, result is a formal collision between the scientist’s calculations and the artist’s brush.

Matt Waples (b.1992, USA) is an artist working in photography and installation. Currently, he is living in Toronto, Canada, and pursuing a BFA in photography at Ryerson University. Waples works predominantly with photochemical materials to produce experimental works that explore the relationships between light and darkness, order and chance, and logic and expression. Using strategies such as the removal of fundamental elements, or the addition of extraneous ones, his work strives to question the possibilities and limitations of the photographic process. He has been exhibiting works in local galleries over the last two years, and has won multiple awards for his work, including the Sovereign Award for Outstanding Photograph in 2008, and the SF Award in Photography in 2013.