It Looks How It Looks

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Reception: Saturday July 12th 2014

Exhibition: July 10 – 16, 2014

Figurative art and portraiture offer a genuine opportunity to capture the honesty of the form, beauty and imperfections of a person. The perception of what is aesthetically pleasing has evolved as the world has: throughout our history we are inherently obsessed and driven by the definition of beauty. Inevitably we have become a people overwhelmed with a false sense of body; idealistic beauty is reinforced time and again through a constant bombardment of images, symbols and rhetoric emphasized by the media, and now accessible on a global scale.

If the medium is the message, then art has the ability to challenge superficial fantasies and explore raw and intimate human aesthetics. Project Gallery offers artists the opportunity to reject previous construction of the body and creatively explore the perception of the human form, boldly redefining the sublime image. IT LOOKS HOW IT LOOKS presents artworks that explore the limitations of figurative, representational, and portraiture.




Stella Cade

Chen Cao

Richard Determann

Zara Diniz

Lindsay Ferriss

Jon Fox

Erin Loree

Andrew Mayberry

Faith Patrick

Janet Parsons

Monika Rosen

Tony Taylor

Era Vati

Agent X