All of the Lights: July 17-23



Reception: Saturday July 5th (1-5pm)

Exhibition: July 3 – 9, 2014

ALL OF THE LIGHTS is a contemporary group art exhibition that explores the universal effects of light in shaping, defining and inspiring art. This multi-media exhibition features a variety of artworks that explore, incorporate, or depict light in unique ways.

The versatility of light experienced on a daily basis presents opportunities for unique interpretations – making light a prominent element in artwork throughout history. Impressionists explored the effect of natural light on their surroundings, Modernists incorporated artificial light as medium, and the glow from technological devices continually fills contemporary spaces. Perceptions of surroundings are formed from the relationship between space and light giving artists a plethora of inspired translations to document, represent and express in their work.



Rosalind Breen
Robert Greatrix
Laura Harrison
Jane Hur
Jenny Li
Claudette Losier
Tamar Meshel
Michael Novak
Michael Pietrocarlo
Jean-Michael Rolland
Niki Sehmbi
Rirchard Warner