At a Glance-Tristan Seto: June 18-24


Opening Reception: Thursday June 18th from 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 18-24, 2015


Tristan Seto creates unusual, yet aesthetically intriguing situations worth dissecting and deciphering. Seto’s work brings attention to pieces of reality that are relatively banal, un-cohesive, yet beautiful and interesting in subject matter. She explores the microscopic second glance, thought, or encounter, bringing single moments into a larger consciousness. Seto’s exhibit will allow the viewer to inquire into their awareness and understanding of personal perceptions to our ever-changing, quick paced world.

“An idea or piece of work when viewed again, if that, perhaps would be the same,

or perhaps, not the same at all, but infamously and unwillingly different”

Through the intersection and unification of fragmented words, forms and shapes, Seto creates a single motivating moment to probe, witness and further examine. These works will push boundaries and fill space with juxtapositions of personal emotions, senses, nature, the mundane, and an interest in figurative imagery. Seto is intrigued by the pairings of figurative work with objects that are commonly overlooked, in order to bring new attention and perspective. Art that pushes viewers to believe there is significance within something that may initially be thought to have no meaning at all.


Tristan Seto, commonly called “Trist”, graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. She previously lived in Toronto, but now resides in Ajax, Ontario. Tristan is fascinated with the whimsicality and magic of creating situations that reveal the importance of overlooked aspects of everyday life. Focusing on both contemporary and traditional drawing and painting, Tristan bases her work around the methodical placement of banal objects, mundane situations, personal emotions and uncomfortable positions of the figure in order to create angst-y, yet beautiful imagery.