Fatal Abstraction: May 30 – June 6, 2013

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Opening Reception: Thursday May 30 (7-11 pm)

Exhibition Dates: May 30 – June 6, 2013

Fatal Abstraction is an abstract art exhibition that features bold, engaging and evocative work by emerging Toronto-based artists. The show explores the compelling nature of abstraction which challenges logic and reason. Through non-representational art we are presented with an opportunity to become more acutely aware of our own subjective faculties that create meaning.

Abstract art highlights the contrast between sensory experience perceived by the body and a meaningful representation conceived in the mind. It refreshes our eyes by demanding open interpretations, engaging the imagination and the creative role we play in viewing and experiencing art.

Join us at Project Gallery on Thursday May 30th from 7-11pm and experience the works of: Bradford Wilson, Nick Sweetman, Cal Schaub, Christina Mazzulla, Erin Loree, Lorette Luzijac, Diana Sze, Anthony Agnelli, Stan Olthuis, Danielle Cox, Bridgit Lanni, Andre Kan, and Annie Ly