Faded Realities-Christina Mazzulla: Aug 6-12


Opening Reception: Thursday Aug 6th 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: August 6-12, 2015


Christina Mazzulla’s paintings critically respond to the present social constructions of reality. Using the physical environment, Mazzulla reflects on post-modern dilemmas with an emphasis on the natural world. These paintings are reminiscent of traditional Canadian landscapes such as the Group of Seven, as Mazzulla uses abstraction to achieve active surroundings that are true to the multi-layered nature of space. The series was created as an escape from the dissatisfaction and pressures caused by rapid urbanization, and in turn provide a means of coping with the vulnerability and alienation that contemporary city life can bring.

Mazzulla’s work celebrates struggle as progress. Her work provides individuals with the freedom to construct personal realities from their unique perceptions. Mazzulla creates fantasy landscapes using acrylic and aerosol as a form of empowerment, allowing viewers to express their understandings of space. These paintings work to facilitate an experience of interconnectedness, while promoting self-discovery, motivation and individual evolution.

Christina is a Toronto based painter. Since graduating from Ontario College of Art & Design in 2012, she continues her creative pursuits with like-minded artists, curators, collectives and other arts organizations. She has been showcasing work throughout Canada, and also remains active within public art sphere through various projects such as murals. Her paintings explore metaphysical environments that challenge the spatial constructs of our regular perceived reality. These multi-layered abstractions work to facilitate an experience of interconnectedness, escapism, and self-discovery.