Exposure: Sept 27 – Oct 2, 2013



Opening Reception: Friday September 27 (7-11pm)
Exhibition Dates: Sept 27 – Oct 2, 2013

The aim of this exhibit is to encompass a creative aesthetic of Toronto, through photographic works of the city, or from the perspective of Toronto based photographers. The subject matter of the artwork can be as varied as the composition of the city itself: profiles of graffiti plastered alleys, cross-sections of the city’s pockets and niches, snapshots of intersections now altered by the course of time, or even archives of the people and places that experientially define what we know as Toronto.

Featuring artworks by: David Harcombe, Kate Rowlands, Russna Somal, Kadiejra O’Neal, Maisha Baddoo, Mark Gleberzon, Anthony Tuccitto, Michael Toole, Michael Pietrocarlo, Robert Geatrix, Sarah Ebisuzaki, Bruce Christie, Pat Kerney, and Mike Palmer