ECHOES: Cate McGuire & James Nye: March 5-18

FacebookWebBannerA key point of thematic intersection between the works of Cate McGuire and James Nye is in both artists’ exploration of the parallels between inner and outer spaces. Their practices align in their use of contemporary aesthetics and palettes, as well as the incorporation of the everyday uncanny, and an emphasis on turning the typical into something unusual, and at best, beautiful. Together McGuire and Nye’s work is strengthened as the core idea of integrating diverse fragments of spatial imagery to create a unified and stimulating image is echoed in both of their practices.

Opening Reception: Saturday March 7th, 2-6pm

Exhibition Dates: March 5 -18th, 2015


Cate McGuire is a Toronto artist with an extensive and varied background in art and design; having graduated with both a bachelor of fine arts degree from Concordia in 1989, and a post-graduate degree of architecture in 1995 from UBC.

For the most part, McGuire uses her own photography, found images, paint, and bits of paper to piece together images that create an architecture that is a stand in for the built world we live in.  Her goal is to refresh places, to invent or to recombine them, in the hope that this makes us notice what we may take for granted about where we choose to live and what we choose to build.   Using architecture and landscape to represent social constructs and emotional attachments are ongoing themes  in McGuire’s work.

Cate McGuire has been actively producing art for the past thirty years.  She has shown her work at the Artist Project, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, the Elora Centre for the Arts, and other venues.  A survey of work can be seen at Davis Canadian Arts, in Stratford Ontario, on an ongoing basis.  McGuire’s work can be found in the permanent collections of Teleglobe Canada, Concordia University, John Abbott College, as well as in many corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and abroad.


James was born in Kitchener and grew up in Ajax and Pickering. After graduating from high school he moved to Vancouver Island where a slow and steady process of awakening took place involving the discovery of painting. Within two years he was studying art full time at the Victoria College of Art where he graduated in 2002. James has since moved back to Ontario, and has shown his work throughout Canadian significantly in Ontario, Vancouver, and Montreal, as well as New York City.

“In my paintings the beauty is in looking and not necessarily what you are looking at. So whether they consist of clouds, graffiti or people, means little. What matters to me is how these things are given shape through the fundamental principles of light. My paintings are rooted in the realist, descriptive tradition of oil painting. I try to paint honestly, accurately and economically. I use a camera to try and capture what I see. Fleeting moments of light. Quick glances.  The photograph outlines the scene and becomes the starting point for me to express my ideas. What is uninteresting and what is beautiful are the questions I pose to viewers.” – James