Doug Temple Solo: Oct 9-15



Reception: Saturday October 11 (2-5pm)

Exhibition: October 9 – 15, 2014

Doug Temple’s artworks explore space, abstraction, and architecture through his use of vivid palettes, shapes, and techniques. Primarily through oil paintings and collage, Temple uses innovative mark-making and compositional techniques to create bold and physical works that stimulate considerations of symmetry, entropy, and networks.

Doug Temple is the art director of the CBC and has extensive professional experience in animation, motional graphics, design and broadcasting.

“My approach is to take representational imagery and make abstract what is recognizable or familiar. This also works sometimes in reverse – bringing out something recognizable out of abstraction. The subjects I choose come form everyday life: photographs, media, posters, graphic design generally and direct observation.  My painting technique makes use of adding to and layering up the surface, sometimes to the point of concealing everything below, but also in stroking through and removing or revealing what is underneath.”