Crafted Comedy: March 7 – 12, 2014



Opening Reception: March 7th (7pm-12am)

Exhibition Dates: March 7th – 12th 2014

CRAFTED COMEDY is a contemporary art exhibition that aims to present the many ways which humour can be present in art, and to celebrate the craft of comedy. From the early political and social satire of Hogarth and Daumier, to the tongue and cheek of Duchamp’s “L.H.O.O.Q.”, to the very recent illustration of Rob Ford on the cover of Now Magazine done by Ralph Steadman, humour has a very important role in art.

Whether pun, parody, satire, or just plain slapstick, this exhibition features artist’s who include humour in their work, either as a tool to present a broader social or political topic, or just for the love of a good laugh. In support of the Comedy/Acting community in Toronto, and to encourage the relationship between local artist’s and comedians, the opening will feature live stand up and performance from emerging and established comedians.

Curated by Allison Boddy in conjunction with Corbin Kosak and Project Gallery

Featuring Artwork by Josh Litman, Kartigan Kathiravelu, Lisa Wilson, Rosie Pea, Lisa Ng, Rob Collinet, Corbin Kosak, Allison Boddy, Alyssa Heron, Rodger Beck, Helen Zajkowski

LIVE Stand Up by Nigel Grinstead, Jordan Foisy, Darren Springer, Liia Kajak, Jordan Sowunmi, D.C. Nchama, Neal Armstrong, Simon Sweetman