Canadiana: July 15 – 24, 2013



Opening Reception: Thursday July 18th 7-11 pm

Exhibition Dates: July 15th – July 24th 2013

“Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.”

— Marshall McLuhan

Canadiana is a contemporary group exhibition hosted by Project Gallery which features emerging, established and local artists working in a variety of media including: painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, digital media and collage. Project Gallery is proud to display diverse interpretations and depictions of both iconic and personal images that constitute the mosaic of Canadian culture. The gallery aims to reflect Canada’s multicultural nature, as well as emphasize how these diverse identities shape a wide variety of distinct artistic outputs that are all equally Canadian.

Canadiana aims to convey contemporary perspectives on Canadian identity and culture through an exploration of symbols and iconography related to living in Canada. From the iconic image of a moose to the serenity of a pristine landscape – be it natural or urban – Canadiana seeks to examine and reimagine the intricate and evolving nature of considering oneself distinctly Canadian. The exhibition will be a dynamic compellation of various understandings and representations of what it is to be Canadian, and will mirror the eclecticism that contributes to our nation’s own identity.

Featuring artworks by: Charles Pachter, Lisa Ng, Steven McCarthy, Les Luxemburger, Robert Achtemichuk, Kathy M. Bailey, Kat Serediuk, Tashiana Patrick, Ilana Van Zyl, Claire Buchanan, Robert Capizzo, Stan Olthuis, Liz Pead, and Michael Irvine.

The exhibition will feature a silent auction of two artworks by Charles Prachter.