Twisted: Nov 7 – 21, 2013


Opening Reception: Thursday Nov 7 (7-11pm)

Exhibition Dates: November 7 – 21, 2013

NBMG Wine Tasting: Thursday Nov 14 (7-11pm) [$30]

Interactive Live Painting: Friday Nov 15 (7-11pm)  by Callen Scahub

The exhibition will feature works that address the limitations and nuisances of perception by displaying works that can intrigue, guide and trick the eye. Works that incorporate twists, turns, layered perspectives, amorphous forms, dynamic compositions, warped imagery, distortions, circuitry, coils etc – be it thematically or visually. The aim of the exhibit is to engage the viewer in discerning the subtleties between illusion and reality in art, in a way that prompts consideration of the factors that form our unique perspective of reality and what we experience. The purpose of this exhibit is to provide a dialogue and discussion about the real and the surreal, the norm and the deviant. Project Gallery is seeking submissions from artists interested in the perplexities and uncertainties of vision and perception, whose artwork bend, defy or reconsider traditional notions of scale, composition, balance, form, and perspective.

Featuring Artworks by Stephen Morris, Doug Temple, Janice Feist, Emerson Myers, Callen Schaub, Robert Bonathan, Wendie Donabie, James Hewitt, Jen Bolt, Clair Andean, Tasnuva Hasan, Joseph Magdellia, Chris Perez, Scott Easson, Bridgit Lanni, Jared Boechler, Puneet Kohli, Kathy Wang, Richard Determan, Niki Sehmbi, and Corey Smith