Brazen: Dec 6 – 11, 2013




Opening Reception: Friday December 6 (7-11pm)

Exhibition Dates: December 6 – 11, 2013

Ours is a culture rife with sexual negativity and double standards, including the stigmatization of sexual health afflictions, the normalcy of slut-shaming, and the perpetuation of phobias. Often the result is people feel at the effect of these experiences: victims of circumstance, out of control and alone.

This show aims to look at what happens next; how do we emerge from the ashes of victim identity to rise again as empowered self-aware agents? As artists we have the ability to illustrate a different narrative: the freedom that comes not from mere acceptance of our bodies and sexualities as they are, but from celebration of our bodies and sexualities (and those of our lovers) as they are in the present moment.

It is time to evolve beyond the stigma surrounding sexuality: it is time to revel in and celebrate our agency, our responsibility for our own health, the health of our lovers, and the triumphs and failures along our journeys as adults.

Opening Reception on December 6th will feature live performances including original choreographed work by Sophia Gudiño and Alexandra Collas, as well as performance pieces by Samantha Viarruel-Henry.

Featuring Artworks by: Benjamin Arbour, Krista Arnold, Kami Chisholm, Lexie Corbett, Di Fang, Georgia Fullerton, Jah Grey, Montina Rechel Hussey, Monique Richard, Miel Rose, Dorina Simeonov, Katie Sly, Brandon Titaro, Kristyn Watterworth, and Joanna Yetter