Bodies In Motion: August 21-27





Reception: Thursday August 21st (7-11pm)

Exhibition: August 21 – 27, 2014

This contemporary group art exhibition features artists who find inspiration in the body, its interaction with its surroundings and its many shapes, forms and capabilities. Creation itself connects the fluidity, strength, speed and the beauty of the body’s moving patterns to its ability to command a medium. This exploration of the body will feature many interpretations of movement, including motion within the body, space described by the body and the control of active motion in all capacities. In admiration of the human body in motion, BODIES IN MOTION demonstrates the ability to portray multidimensional movement of the body with artwork.

Featuring Artworks by:

Olga Albeleva
Veronica Blanco
Rosalind Breen
Jordan Browne
Stella Cade
Matt Cohen
Shannon Dickie
Eric Jackson
Raz Latif
Jordan Mckie
Lukas Mouka
Roslyn Ramsay
Monika Rosen
Craig Skinner
Elis Tarelli
Matt Waples
Agent X