Architexture: Oct 10 – Oct 24, 2013

Architexture (web)

Exhibition Dates: October 10 – 24, 2013

Opening Reception : Thursday October 10 (7-11pm)

Inspiring and thought-provoking architecture has the capacity to evoke feelings of the sublime in those who witness it. The tactile nature of architectural forms has the power to produce extreme feelings of awe and wonder. Architecture is phenomenological in nature as it requires systematic personal reflection, directing one’s structure of consciousness – one must always position their physical body in relation to the towering form before them. This positioning takes both physical and mental negotiation of spatial confines.

Many artists seek to represent such three-dimensional spaces in two-dimensional picture planes through the use of texture, manipulation of formal elements, and shapes. The resulting work embodies more than simply a physical sense of space – it creates a mental space that is equally important to discover. Whether the material is solid or composed of the ephemerality of light, work in Architexture is fixated on the idea of architecture and the phenomenology of space.

Featuring Artworks by: Sandy Middleton, Gavin MacDougall, Chris Albert, Kevin Day, Emerson Myers, Cate McGuire, Brian Harvey, Kayla Barbeau, Matt Cohen, Vanessa Clark, Doug Temple, Chris Cann, Jaymie Karn, Cortney Stephenson, Monique Resnick, Alex Buchanan, Chinmoyee Debnath, Marzena Kotapska, and Robert Greatirix