Aperture: Feb 27 – March 5, 2014



Opening Reception: Feb 27 – March 5, 2014

Exhibition Dates: Thursday February 27 (7-11pm)

APERTURE is an optics based contemporary art exhibit that emphasizes the power of perspective. The word ‘aperture’ in Optics refers to the hole through which light and image travel. In this sense we explore photography, images and visual artworks in their ability to capture a moment and perspective and relay it to others, opening a hole that shares a glimpse of one person’s perspective to another. In Geometry the word ‘aperture’ is the inclination of lines, which meet in a point. This is also interesting in terms of artist’s assemblage of seemingly disparate information, objects or settings and uniting them in one frame as a cohesive, or sometimes in cohesive, perspective.

Featuring Artworks by:

Jen Bolt
Alex Buchanan 
Max Clearly
Samantha Currie 
Emma Fowler 
Robert Greatrix 
David Harcombe
Michael Irvine
Katy Lester 
Hugh Mater
Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh
Monika Rosen
Jamie Shirley 
Jennifer Sims 
Theodore Soliman
Nicholas Strobelt
Richard Warner
Eugene Yeoh