Animorph: Jan 16 – 22, 2014


Exhibition Dates: January 16 – 22, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday January 16 (7-11pm)

ANIMORPH will feature unique representations of the blending, overlapping and often loose barriers between animal and human settings, characteristics, and forms. The exhibition will showcase artists who are innovating concepts, perspectives, and forms in their juxtaposition of the animal and human. Artworks in the exhibit will explore and depict our tendencies to project human qualities, emotions and even environments onto animals, both symbolically and explicitly. As well as consider animals in human contexts, the role of evolution, and the inseparable nature of man and beast.

The exhibition intends to emphasize the parallels and highlight the contrasts between man-made and natural habitats, various human and animal forms, as well as mindful and instinctual states of being. A deeper look into our nature as animals, and what we often believe to constitute humanness and animality may also be considered.

Featuring Artworks by:

Lindsey Allgood
Maurice & Jeanette Dzama
James Hewitt
Sarah Hillock
Gavin MacDougall
Florence McEwin
Lisa Ng
Michel Prentice
Dinesh Ramanathan
Tony Taylor