Amped: Oct 4 – 9, 2013

Amped (web)

Opening Reception: Friday October 4 (7-11pm)

Exhibition Dates: October 4 – 9, 2013

AMPED is a contemporary art and live music exhibition that aims to provide a multi-faceted view of the emerging creative art scene in Toronto by integrating live improvised music into the gallery space for the opening night.

The show will feature music by some of the top emerging musicians in Toronto, coming together in a public space for the first time. Visually, the show will include multi-disciplinary artwork that is inspired by live music, party culture, synesthesia, “fandom” and raw art.

The opening show will encourage the relationship between art and music by creating an environment that incorporates the two as equally important components of music and culture. On October 4th, the gallery is getting AMPED!

Curated by Allison Boddy

Featuring artworks by: Amanda Baron, Jon Barwick, Allison Boddy, Matthew Del Degan, Ulisa Dekaj, THESUPERMANIAK, Lisa Johnson, Jamil Keyani, Corbin Kosak, Graffiti Artist ‘Noser’, Jennie Philpott, Puneet Kohli, Nick Sweetman

Featuring music by: BOWES/MORNINGSTAR, Blake Day, Andrew Dawson, Graeme Wallace, Henry Wynberg, Tim Smith