No Amount of Logical Anaylsis: Rupert Nuttle: Aug 8-26



Opening Reception: Saturday Aug 8th (6-10pm)

Exhibition Dates: Aug 8-26, 2015

‘No Amount of Logical Analysis’ is a solo exhibition of paintings and prints by Rupert Nuttle. The works aim to blur the distinctions between art, language, and the natural world by making unlikely connections between different media and styles. The exhibition raises the question: What is it about art that just can’t be analyzed?

Rupert Nuttle is a painter based out of Ottawa and Montreal. He received a BFA from NSCAD University in 2013, and has exhibited works throughout Canada, the United States, and Paris, France. In addition to his studio practice, Rupert publishes essays and reviews on art and culture. At present, he is co-editor of CRIT, a contemporary Canadian art periodical, and in the near future he will be pursuing an MA in Critical Theory and the Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Project Gallery Studios is located at 184 Munro St, and accessible through the back entrance at the southeast corner of Blackburn St. and Mount Stephens St. The studio exhibition space is open by appointment only.

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