Abstract Implications: Aug 10 – 15, 2013



Exhibition Dates: August 10 – 15, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday August 10th, 7-11pm

Join us for the opening reception of part 2 of Abstract Implications 3, taking place the evening of Saturday August 10 at Project Gallery. This is the second uniquely curated show of our 2 part event celebrating abstraction in all its myriad forms. Come have a drink and embark on a second voyage into the wild, wonderful world of the abstract.

Featuring works by: Kristine Misfud, Shaheer Zazai, Erin Loree, Cal Schaub, Christina Mazzulla, Bridgit Lanni, Dy Vy, Stan Olthuis, Bradford Wilson, Melissa Espina, Eric Euler, Joanna Labriola, Nic Labriola, Sarah Campbell, Ana Wood, Andre Kan, Brooke Wayne, Deanna McCaw, Sarah Hussain, Melissa Penney, Lex Buchanan, David Contin, Ryan Crockett, Alexander Royce, Ramya Raj and Hareem Qureshy, Tony Agnelli, Alexander Williamson, Ineke MacNab