6: STREET – SoTeeOh Solo: May 1-13

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Opening Reception: Friday May 1st, 7-11pm

Exhibition Dates: May 1 – 13, 2015

This contemporary exhibition explores a current digital street photography movement from a uniquely Toronto perspective. A blend of design, architecture, urban grit, cityscapes, and street fashion – SoTeeOh employs an urban guerrilla approach to photography to create staged compositions in dynamic environments. Significant post digital processing is also a component of this style and aesthetic, producing images that are rooted in the urban scape but also feel slightly surreal.

Toronto born, SoTeeOh’s earliest memories are of the commotion and chaos of Toronto’s urban center in the mid 1980′s. It is a fascination that has influenced his entire body of creative work. Drawing on any and all facets of urban existence in a multicultural mecca, SoTeeOh’s photography can be characterized by a hyper-keen attention to details from graffiti tags in back alleys to the arichetecture of the financial district. SoTeeOh uses these elements to carefully weave his own narrative of life in Toronto. Although primarily a photographer, he often works with video and paint to actualize his concepts.

As a photographer his work has been selected by Instagram as a featured photographer. He has also been featured by local websites such as BlogTO and Modern Toronto. He has done commissioned work for events such as Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche and MANIFESTO and his photography has been featured in music videos for artists such as ELMNT and Iman Omari. He posts daily snapshots from across the city on both his own site and as the photographer for 1LOVETO’s instagram account displaying an eye for details often overlooked.

Curated by Devan Patel

Hosted at Project Gallery | 1109 Queen St E

This exhibition is registered with the CONTACT Photography Festival 2015