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Bad Geometry: July 28 – Aug 20


Exhibition Dates: July 28 – Aug 20, 2017
Reception: Friday July 28th 6pm (RSVP)


Bad Geometry is an exhibition of new works by Adrienne Crossman, Brianna Lowe, Lauren Pelc-McArthur and Tobias Williams.

Adrienne Crossman is an artist, educator and curator. Her practice involves the exploration of non-normative and non-binary objects, characters and spaces, with a specific interest in queer potentialities within the non-human. Crossman creates queer interventions through the manipulation of digital media and popular culture, the re-contextualization of often-overlooked objects and artifacts, and by locating queer sensibilities in the everyday. Adrienne is currently an MFA candidate in Studio Art at the University of Windsor.

Brianna Lowe is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Toronto. Her practice explores the different interpretations of how the environment is experienced through the mediation of various digital media, such as 3D animation, digital collage and video. She has exhibited in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States, as well as virtually through The Wrong Digital Art Biennial. She currently holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from OCAD University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Video Game Design from George Brown College. She has worked as an artist assistant for a number of prominent Canadian artists, most notably Jon Rafman and Alex Macleod.

Lauren Pelc-McArthur is an emerging visual artist from Toronto currently based in Montreal. Through painting and digital imaging she responds to agitations between painting and screen culture. Her new work alludes to scenes of modern age boredom altered through a lens of mark-making influenced by screens and painterly tactics. Pelc-McArthur has shown her work internationally. She has participated in residencies in Canada, abroad and online. She has received several awards including grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. Pelc-McArthur is an MFA Candidate at Concordia University.

Tobias Williams is a Toronto based visual artist and educator. His art practice is concerned with the historical and contemporary relationship between art, society and technology. His recent work has been exploring the concept of “Digital Ontology;” how we conceive of objects in digital spaces and how these digital objects interact with and change our perception of the physical world. Tobias has shown work in exhibitions locally and internationally, recent exhibitions include “Vistas” at the Banff Centre for the Arts, “Genuflexion” at Creamy gallery in Chicago and “Unkempt” at MAW GURU in Manhattan. He currently works as an instructor at OCADU and humber College in Toronto.


Project Studios is located at 184 Munro St (rear) and open by appointment and for receptions only. Please direct inquiries to



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Body of Colour – Callen Schaub x Stef Eleoff

Callen Schaub x Stef Eleoff

‘Body of Colour’


Opening Reception: Friday May 5, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: May 6-28, 2017

Presented in conjunction with CONTACT Photography Festival

(back entrance near the loading bay)
$5 cover
19+ event

Friday May 5th, 6-9pm
Live model painting performances at 6:30pm & 8:30pm
$5 cover
19+ event
By Appointment May 6th-28th, 2017
Contact | 647.377.1677

Body of Colour is a collaboration between abstract painter, Callen Schaub and fashion photographer, Stef Eleoff. The exhibit focuses on the mixing and pouring of paint over the human form. Paint covered models are spun and photographed, captured in moments of elegance and wonder. Schaub and Eleoff both push their artistic practices by collaborating on this new and experimental project.

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’flō\ – a performative site specific installation by Nadine Bariteau

nadine bariteau

\’flō\ is a performative site specific installation by Nadine Bariteau that will take form between the 17th and the 21st of April 2017

The installation will occur over the course of a week and will culminate with a Spring Reception on Friday 21th at 8:00pm


To see the installation in progress: from 18th to 20th at 8:30pm
Last chance to meet with the artist when she teardown on Sunday 23rd at 8:30pm

Direct inquiries to

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Where No One Will Find Us – Alli Boddy Solo Exhibition

Exhibition: Fri, February 3 – Sun, February 26
Reception: Fri, February 3 6-10pm

Alli Boddy’s solo exhibition ‘Where No One Will Find Us’ explores the intersection of figure and landscape. Inspired by her personal connection to nature, her figure/landscape narratives represent the lived experience. Her subjects, which include herself and those close to her, all appear to exude a freedom of spirit. Alli is a strong believer in nature’s ability to transcend and portrays her subjects not gazing at the viewer, but focused in their own moment, venturing off into forests or teetering on cliff’s edge.

Facebook Event


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Librarians, Books, and Clouds – Cliff Eyland: Nov 17 – Jan 29


Opening Reception: Thursday Nov 17th 6-9pm (RSVP)

Exhibition Dates: Nov 17 – Jan 29, 2017

at Project Gallery Studios (184 Munro St – back entrance)


Librarians, Books and Clouds is Cliff Eyland’s first solo exhibition in Toronto since 2009. The show includes 300 works, all 3″x5″ acrylic and/or mixed media paintings.

Since 1981 Cliff Eyland has been making art the size of the traditional 3″ by 5″ library catalogue card. His paintings, drawings, and photographs are shown in both libraries and art galleries. He has also inserted thousands of original drawings in library books in Canada and the United States.

Several major Canadian art galleries have mounted solo exhibitions and installations of Eyland’s work, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada’s Library & Archives, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The New School University, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. He has also participated in group exhibitions in many venues, and his work is in many public and private collections.

Eyland’s public commissions include a 600 piece installation at Edmonton’s Meadows Library, a 5000 work piece at Halifax’s Central Library, a 1000 work piece for the Winnipeg Millennium Library, and an 8 painting per room set of works at Winnipeg’s Alt Hotel.


Artwork Preview

Contact for inquiries and appts

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Nick Bierk: Oct 22 – Nov 13

Oct 22 – Nov 13, 2016

Opening reception: Sat Oct 22nd, 6-9pm (RSVP)
Project Gallery Studios (184 Munro St – back entrace)

Nick Bierk studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited work across Canada and the United States. Nick’s portrait, landscape and still life works are highly realistic yet conceptually enigmatic.

If David had a fault, it was to be too good at too many things, never denying his constantly burgeoning curiousities long enough to focus on any one thing. In the maelstrom of his creative energies, his boys found their own moorage, and Nick, I think, fastened on to his father’s interest in precedent, history, and the myriad ways painting can be made. Look at David’s diptych Landscape with Manet Flowers, from 2002, the year he died, and you’ll see: the charged, naturalistic intensity of the light in the left panel, a haze of golden sun crackling as it cascades from cloud and tree below, counterbalances the mannered impressionism of a vase, static and lifeless, on a table.

Excerpt from exhibition catalogue AFTER, text by Murray White

Nick Bierk Artist Catalog

Contact for details

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Elicser Elliott: ‘Prosopagnosia’


Elicser Elliott


July 8- 31, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday July 8, 7-11 PM 
Closing Reception: July 30th, 6-10pm
Jabari “Elicser” Elliot is an infamous Toronto street artist, whose works can be seen on walls across the city. Born in Montreal and raised in the West Indies, Elicser settled in Toronto, and attended Sheridan College for Animation. He has won critical acclaim for his style, and has shown his works in several prominent galleries including the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as having a featured installation at the Royal Ontario Museum.
In 2012 Elicser released a limited edition book titled Know Love, portraying children’s views on love through a series of hand drawn illustrations, and which sold out at its launch at LE Gallery. In the same year, he was named “Best Local Graffiti Artist” by NOW Magazine. He has been published in many newspapers and blogs, and was most recently featured in a Toronto Star article for a graffiti workshop he taught to students of Central Technical School, in conjunction with the 2016 TD Jazz Festival.
His influence on the cityscape of Toronto cannot be put lightly: from the legendary “Hug Me” Tree of Queen Street West, to the traffic signal boxes he has beautified as part of the StArt “Out of the Box” initiative, to his innumerable wall murals that can be spotted in both indoor and outdoor spaces across the GTA. His work is at once recognizable, and connectable, portraying the multitude of faces and bodies that make up this city, positioned alongside an ever-impending collection of towers and skyscrapers . His work has the ability to conjure distinct and yet relatable characters – all of them sharing similar stylistic traits while still representing unique individuals, and cumulatively comprising a cross section of this city’s diverse faces.
Elicser takes over Project Gallery Studios with his show Prosopagnosia. A word originating from Latin, meaning “an inability to recognize the faces of familiar people, usually as a result to damage in the brain”, the series is a direct comment on the result of living in a big city, inundated by thousands of faces daily. In the context of his work, the subject matter becomes even more provocative, as he explores what this means in relation to his artistic process.


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Dirt Nap: Chad Gauthier & Greg McCarthy

Dirt Nap

Dirt Nap

Opening Reception : Friday June 3rd 7pm – 11pm
Exhibition Dates: June 2nd – June 26th
Location: 184 Munro St

Dirtnap is a playfully dark nod to this death and rebirth of information as it is remembered. The show presents the viewer with haunted images of peoples’ pasts and images of those who once stood in front of a camera, many of which have died. The images range from the painterly sublime to the casual snapshot. Chad Gauthier and Greg McCarthy both find reference in photographic imagery to produce images based on memory and the role of the artists’ hand in creating these newer images.

Drawing reference from french new wave cinema, Gauthier’s work recreates these images from memory and printed reference material. These new paintings function as altered mnemonic devices that interrogate and rework the original act before the cinematic camera. These images seek to understand the cinematic event and the intention of the image after it has entered circulation. By rendering them as paintings the artist’s hand plays a role in the translation the photographic image into a more personal gesture. Using the vocabulary of the painterly gesture, the images are filtered through both Gauthier’s own experiences and speak to both the language of painting and abstraction.

McCarthy’s work uses the discarded archive of a lithographers union, from the early 30s to the late 50s as a starting point, The Distance Between a Handshake is an ongoing series that proposes an alternative method for the use of an archive. It questions the collective ownership of historical documents and the role of the archivists as a figure of authority. The pieces become redacted and altered in ways that subvert the original intentions of the photographer and create newer images through the destruction of themselves. Archival preservation practices are purposefully subverted with the intention that over time the interaction of the artist with the archive will inevitably cause damage to the original photographs leaving further traces of the intervention into the archive.

Chad Gauthier
Greg McCarthy

Dirt Nap Artist Catalog

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