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Δ DELTA – The Difference: July 11-26



Driven by the theme of Δ (delta), this year’s summer art sale at Project Gallery seeks to transcend limits, showcase artists and work that embody a difference, and cultivate new interest in contemporary visual art through a diverse and accessible selection of works. The exhibition will feature hundreds of unique artworks priced at $50, $100, $200, or $500.

‘Δ DELTA: The Difference’ will run from July 11 – 26th 2015, and there will be an opening reception on Saturday July 11th from 7-11pm. Project Gallery is located at 1109 Queen St E, and open regularly Tues-Fri 2-8pm, and weekends 12-6pm.

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I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THIS BELONG: Okay Collective: 30 July – 5 Aug



Opening Reception: Thursday July 30th (7-11pm)

Exhibition Dates: July 30 – Aug 5, 2015

“Cultural identity, in this sense, is a matter of ‘becoming’ as well as ‘being’. It belongs to the future as much as to the past. It is not something which already exists, transcending place, time, history and culture.” –Stuart Hall

I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THIS BELONGS is an investigation into the limitations and boundaries established by the act of translation. Navigating the liminal and transitory space between languages and cultures, six emerging Toronto-based artists interpret the fluid nature of perception.

Through both didactic and abstract representations of translation, members of the OKAY Collective explore notions of communication and belonging, and the inevitable breakdown of information that occurs through transformation. By specifically deconstructing or alternately simulating traditional narratives, the artists examine the intricacies and fallibilities of translation through a cultural perspective.

By employing varied mediums, the disintegration of language and meaning is further enforced. The array of approaches seeks to create a dialogue between the flexibility and confines of transformed information, while situating the conversation in the realm of possibility.

Sebastián Benítez Bryan Bermúdez Chad Gauthier Greg McCarthy Phuong Nguyen Sonet Providence

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Painting Canada- Jerry Campbell and Kevin Columbus: June 25-July 8


columbus_4x6Opening Reception: Thursday June 25th from 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 25- July 8, 2015

PAINTING CANADA features the work of Ontario based painters—Jerry Campbell and Kevin Columbus. Campbell and Columbus primarily work in oil paint, using the plein-air technique. To paint en plein-air is to create works entirely on-site, as Campbell and Columbus seek meaning through direct contact with landscape.  These artists also create larger canvas works based on these studies, interpreting their interactions with landscape in the studio.

Plein-air is a technique originally practiced by French expressionists, and can be seen more locally with the Group of Seven’s traditional Canadian landscapes. Campbell and Columbus bring the plein-air technique to contemporary settings, often painting landscapes in Toronto and Northern Ontario. PAINTING CANADA provides urban contexts to the plein air technique, the spirit of these works reflective of previous masters, while providing the familiarity of contemporary subjects.

Campbell and Columbus’ paintings use their close contact with sites, as well as personal experiences to insert dynamic narratives into their surroundings. These diverse narratives have the ability to depict both mundane and tension-filled subjects, bringing atmospheric and fantastical moods to simplistic sites. Using light, colour, and contemporary imagery, Campbell and Columbus create distinctive spaces that reveal the individuality of perception.  This exhibition will be host to the Ontario Plein Air Society Challenge on July 4th and the 5th Leslieville Gallery Crawl on June 28th. PAINTING CANADA reminds viewers of the importance of place and self, and how they affect the sight of both artists and art-lovers alike.


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At a Glance-Tristan Seto: June 18-24


Opening Reception: Thursday June 18th from 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 18-24, 2015


Tristan Seto creates unusual, yet aesthetically intriguing situations worth dissecting and deciphering. Seto’s work brings attention to pieces of reality that are relatively banal, un-cohesive, yet beautiful and interesting in subject matter. She explores the microscopic second glance, thought, or encounter, bringing single moments into a larger consciousness. Seto’s exhibit will allow the viewer to inquire into their awareness and understanding of personal perceptions to our ever-changing, quick paced world.

“An idea or piece of work when viewed again, if that, perhaps would be the same,

or perhaps, not the same at all, but infamously and unwillingly different”

Through the intersection and unification of fragmented words, forms and shapes, Seto creates a single motivating moment to probe, witness and further examine. These works will push boundaries and fill space with juxtapositions of personal emotions, senses, nature, the mundane, and an interest in figurative imagery. Seto is intrigued by the pairings of figurative work with objects that are commonly overlooked, in order to bring new attention and perspective. Art that pushes viewers to believe there is significance within something that may initially be thought to have no meaning at all.


Tristan Seto, commonly called “Trist”, graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. She previously lived in Toronto, but now resides in Ajax, Ontario. Tristan is fascinated with the whimsicality and magic of creating situations that reveal the importance of overlooked aspects of everyday life. Focusing on both contemporary and traditional drawing and painting, Tristan bases her work around the methodical placement of banal objects, mundane situations, personal emotions and uncomfortable positions of the figure in order to create angst-y, yet beautiful imagery.

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Grey Space-Richard Determann: June 18-24



Opening Reception: Thursday June 18th, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 18-24, 2015


Richard Determann moves from one dimension to the next, peering into other worlds, catching glimpses. Determann’s paintings act as windows to virtual dimensions, places much like our own, but unquestionably different. Using both digital technology and paint, Determann manipulates physics and biology through medium, ultimately creating his own virtual worlds. Determann is interested in the gaps between generations and the inevitable simulacrum associated with far removed events. These worlds mimic our own, and as he turns the dials of creation, Determann observes and records the results of his realization.

Determann creates contemporary still life paintings using oils and acrylics. He first creates a 3D rendering of the image digitally and then brings it to life through paint. He is interested in merging traditional and historic art practices with contemporary digital art making.


Richard Determann grew up in the quiet and subsequently uneventful suburban community of Ajax, Ontario. He chose to pass the time by learning to create. Determann creates both physically, by drawing, painting, and building, as well as digitally, with the help of his “Intelligence amplification device”, his computer.

His art is heavily influenced by his High School art instruction, and by his mentor, John Drew. This is where he learned of the historical craft of painting, of its importance, relevance, and technicality.  Determann attended and graduated from OCAD University in Toronto. He now lives in Ajax.

Determann’s influences as an artist are far reaching, but for his most recent work he has been studying classical Still Life painting from the likes of Willem Kalf, Jan Davidsz de Heem, Paul Cézanne and Giorgio Morandi. He has always been drawn to the drama and romantic qualities in the work of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. As invested as he is in classical styles, Determann experiments and infuses digital art making techniques into his work. He would like to think that his work could fit alongside classic Still Life painting as a historical narrative of our current cultural zeitgeist.

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Tania Guzman: June 11-17


Opening Reception: Thursday June 11th, 6-10pm (RSVP)

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – 17, 2015

Tania Guzmán begins with the interplay of raw emotion and the free flow of colour. Remaining natural to her emotive and passionate state, Guzmán mixes colours, her gestural use of paint creating lines, forms, and images that become narrative. Guzmán’s continues to build with delicate layering, repeating her initial raw expression to ultimately evolve the image. Some elements or features become veiled while others emerge, texturing her work to create a strong sense of atmosphere. Often drawing on her past experiences, Guzmán is largely influenced by family heritage. She brings elements from Mexico and Canada to her work, incorporating both coastal and northern colours to find balance within one’s sense of place. This process results in layers of emotion, memory, and sensory experience, with a range of energy, from elegant sensuality to aggressive tension.

Tania Guzmán is a Mexican-Canadian painter born in Toronto. She has lived in Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. These diverse countries have influenced Guzmán’s creative processes and her aesthetic approach. Guzmán’s time in Mexico influenced her painting by absorbing the rich culture of the State of Oaxaca, as she studied the colours of the Pacific coast and incorporated them into her palette. More recent works evoke the light and colours of the North, as well as the transition and shifting emotive balance between these two worlds. Guzmán currently resides in Toronto and has established a loft studio in the Leslieville art district. Her personal style has been introduced to a Canadian audience and has successfully incorporated her family heritage, inspired by the colours of her multinational experiences. She was recently commissioned for a permanent installation at the Sickkids Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning and was elected to the Society of Canadian Artists. Guzmán continues to incorporate new skills but has been self-taught, always motivated by the power of colour, family heritage, and the creation of expressionistic images.

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Shawn Skeir: June 11-17


Opening Reception: Thursday June 11th, 6-10pm (RSVP)

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – 17, 2015


Shawn Skeir has been a figure on the Canadian art scene for over two decades. His paintings, murals and drawings can be found in collectors’ homes, buildings, hotels, magazines, advertising, and fashion. He’s gained recognition and representation in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Seemingly spontaneous, the fluidity of bold lines also conveys an intense degree of concentration and the artist’s striking command of the optical effects of colour theory, exposing how both positive and negative space echo back and forth through his deft use of his palette.

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Ontario Plein Air Society: 6th Annual Art Show & Sale

Jerry Campbell - Day for Night

Pictured Above: Jerry Campbell, Day for Night, 20″x20″, oil on canvas, 2015


Ontario Plein Air Society – 6th Annual Art Show & Sale

Exhibition Dates: October 31 – November 14, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday October 31 from 2-5PM.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday from 12-5pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Project Gallery is proud to host the 6th Annual Show & Sale by the Ontario Plein Air Society (OPAS). The show will feature the works of 13 local Artists, painted outdoors on-location in various regions of Ontario and Canada. As part out the exhibition, 6 works by Jerry Campbell, one of our 15 Painters will be available during the exhibit. Running until Saturday November 14, Project Gallery invites the public to attend the exhibition and the opening reception for the OPAS Art Show on Saturday October 31 from 2-5PM.

For more information about the OPAS visit:



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15 PAINTERS: April 16-22

15 Painters(4x6)_back


Opening Reception: Thursday April 16th from 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: April 16-22, 2015

Gallery Hours: Tues-Fri 2-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm


From April 16-22nd Project Gallery will host a pop-up preview exhibition of standout artworks by 15 Toronto-based painters who are on the rise. Each artist is being featured in an upcoming solo or duo exhibition at the gallery in 2015/16.

These are committed and incredibly talented contemporary artists, each working with paint in a different way to create imaginative, precise, and evocative results. Navigating diverse subjects, themes, and styles – this will be a dynamic exhibition that reflects bold explorations in the contemporary aesthetics of paint through the works of 15 up-and-coming artists you should know about.


Participating Artists (and respective solo/duo exhibition dates)


Richard Determann: June 18 – 24, 2015

Kevin Colombus: June 25 – July 8, 2015

Jerry Campbell: June 25 – July 8, 2015

Christina Mazzulla: Aug 6 – 12, 2015

Alex Sheriff: Aug 13 – 26, 2015

Alex Buchanan: Aug 27 – Sept 9, 2015

Tessar Lo: Sept 10 – 30, 2015

Erin Loree: Oct 1 – 14, 2015

Lisa Johnson: Oct 15 – 28, 2015

Sara Pearson: Spring 2016

Ted Zourntos: Spring 2016

Brian Harvey: Summer 2016

Colin Davis: Summer 2016

Dominique Fung: Fall 2016

Callen Schaub: Fall 2016



Curated by Devan Patel

Inquiries to

Project Gallery is at 1109 Queen Street East



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BEING: Krista Arnold & Chen Cao: Feb 19 – March 4


Opening Reception: Saturday February 21st, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: Feb 19 – March 4, 2015

Krista Arnold (front space)

Krista Arnold was born and raised in Aurora, Ontario. Growing up she became increasingly involved in art, which eventually lead her to OCAD University where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2013. Krista’s body of work reflects on what it is that separates the living from the dead. Her life-sized oil paintings of human figures explore this separation between one’s physical and spiritual self, and sheds new light on the single thing that unites us all; our mortality.

“Over the past year, Krista has had her work displayed in several galleries throughout Toronto and the GTA, and was awarded a grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation to pursue further investigation into the spiritual nature of her work by travelling to Israel and India in September 2014.”

Chen Cao (back space)

Chen Cao was born in China and moved to Canada at the age of nine. However he was influenced by eastern philosophy and religions throughout his life. Born with physical illness he tends to contemplate the limits of human potential. At an early age, it had occurred to him that there is this idea of mind and body. And the two are instinctively different. His relationship with his body is crude and with his mind subtle. Both are victims of impermanence yet, together they may convey the everlasting, the transcendent, and the sublime.

“I borrow the term Being as an adjective to describe act of using two imperfect entities in harmony to transcend singular perfectionism.”

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