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Meredith Wrede ‘Angel of Paradox’

Tunnel (1)


Meredith Wrede ‘Angel of Paradox’
Reception: Thursday, May 19th, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: May 18th – June 12th

Meredith Wrede is an independent dance artist who uses greater Toronto as a backdrop for her performances and incarnations of different characters. She originally stepped off the stage and onto the streets to find a venue where she could stay true to her original artistic ideas. She also felt the desire to create public art, accessible to others, not just the paying customer. The Angel of Paradox came into existence when Meredith was entertaining and investigating ideas around opposites existing within the same space. The intent of this exhibit is to offer a vicarious experience of a Merediths’ performance as the Angel of Paradox that happened around Cherry Street in Toronto in 1999. Reflecting on what happens in the moment when hot and cold mingle, love and hate merge, pain and pleasure collide, she noticed that up through the cracks, produced by the confusion of paradox, rises possibilities. These often delightful ideas induce playful moments, and bring an easy way to engage in the prospect of embracing something new. Meredith has her BFA in dance from York University and studied at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She danced with Equinoxe Dance Theatre in Johannesburg South Africa, Djazzin’ in Dortmund Germany; She was an artistic director of the Collective Unconscious Collective, the director of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Children’s division and Associate director for Evolution Dance Theatre. She has created numerous choreographies for FFIDA in Toronto for both the stage and site-specific venues, and danced for other independent dance artists as well as the Caravan Stage Barge. She has created many characters for short films and gorilla performances. As an artist Meredith is interested in scanning the scope of what’s happening in the world and, with broad strokes, offering her own creative solutions; in hopes that it encourages others to set their fears aside and engage in the world in a way that allows them to follow, or, at least notice, the nudges they feel from behind.

Image: Meredith Wrede, Tunnel
*This exhibition is officially registered as part of the 2016 Contact Photography Festival

Photography credit: Marilyn Westlake

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Spolia Opima: Ted Zourntos Solo Exhibition, April 7 – April 24


Opening Reception: Thursday April 7, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: April 7 –  April 24, 2016

With his latest series of paintings Ted Zourntos continues to probe and interrogate the inner workings of consumer culture. Spoila Opima or “rich spoils” is an ancient Roman term referring to the plunder and riches striped from a defeated combatant in mortal combat. These complex still life paintings connect consumerism, the oil economy and military conflict through subtle and satirical juxtapositions of throw away dollar store trinkets and novelties. Through his paintings. the artist dismantles notions of value to reveal the systematic dysfunction within contemporary consumer culture.

Ted Zourntos is a professional artist and educator with a versatile and accomplished painting practice that encompasses both abstract and representational work. He has exhibited in North America including a solo exhibition at Sloan Fine Art in New York City. Ted completed his undergraduate studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University) and his Master of Fine Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He is the recipient of several academic and professional awards and his work has been featured in international art publications. Several of his paintings are in private collection.

Project Gallery is located at 1109 Queen St E, open regularly Wed-Sun 12-5pm and by appointment. Please direct inquiries to

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PROSPECTOR: Sara Pearson Solo Exhibition, March 17 – April 3


Opening Reception: Thursday March 17, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: March 17 –  April 3, 2016
The paintings and sculptures in PROSPECTOR, inspired by geological and gemmological formations, remind us of the strange and sublime beauty of nature. Gemstones, as coveted objects, present a complicated relationship between the natural world and us; As we hunt, collect and refine them, they become instilled with human values. In this body of work, Sara Pearson deconstructs and reinterprets their forms, removing facets and breaking stones into abstract shards, highlighting internal depths and building new structure. By pulling apart our vision of the perfect gem, she removes preconceived notions attached to it and focuses us on its extraordinariness. Pearson navigates this course through her early relationship to these materials; Growing up in her father’s jewellery studio instilled a sense of wonder in the presence of these otherworldly objects. She continues to live in awe of them, relating her art practice to that of an explorer, a treasure hunter.

Pearson chooses subjects and materials for their relationship to the natural world, using the optical phenomena that exist within cut gemstones to inspire her oil paintings; bronze, copper, marble, and terra-skin paper made from stone are some of the materials that form her sculptures and installations. Working primarily with “analogue” methods, she plays with the dichotomy of traditional process in an increasingly digital world, pushing abstraction while honouring the process of mimesis.

Sara Pearson is a Toronto based artist who graduated with a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

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Blanking Field: February 25 – March 13


Opening Reception:
Thursday February 25, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: Thu, February 25 – Sun, March 13

Lauren Pelc-McArthur’s art practice responds to the melding of visual culture with digital technology, challenging the boundaries of digital art and traditional painting. Her interdisciplinary approach begins with the conventional organizing principles of portraits and landscapes, yet these principles are present in vague forms and broken into fragments, one mark disrupts another and competes for space with a third. Bold colours are used to tantalize and repel – resembling neurons that fire like neon lights as viewers cycle through headlines, listicles, and infinite scrolls. Fluctuating between various styles of painting, Pelc-McArthur unsettles the boundaries of figuration and abstraction to articulate the feelings of ‘sensory overload’ that are derived from the endless consumption of digital information.

Born in 1989, Lauren Pelc-McArthur is an emerging artist from Toronto. Graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design (2012) with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting, Pelc-McArthur responds to various facets of technology and internet culture through painting, sculpture and 3-D animation. Recipient of an emerging visual artist grant from the Toronto Arts Council in 2014, she has participated in International and Canadian residencies including the Roundtable Residency in Toronto.

Project Gallery is located at 1109 Queen St E
Open regularly Wed-Sun 12-5pm or by appointment
Please direct inquiries to
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chordata: February 4 – 21

Chordata Image


Opening Reception: February 4, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: Thu, February 4 – Sun, February 21

chordata is an exhibition of new drawings by Brett Despotovich which investigate resonance and interference, harmony and discord.
Continuing with the direction of his previous exhibitions (the fall) (2014) and Black is the Ultimate, Black Eclipses Everything (2015), the work in chordata is informed by the intersecting points of his scientific and mythological interests.

Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1982, Despotovich studied at OCADU (2001-05), followed by his involvement with the production of FLicKeR, a multi-award winning feature-length NFB/BRAVO! documentary directed by Nik Sheehan. His debut solo exhibition (the fall) was reviewed by Benjamin Bruneau for Magenta Magazine, and he has work held in private collections in Europe, the United States, and Canada, notably the Sobey Collection.

Project Gallery is located at 1109 Queen St E
Open regularly Wed-Sun 12-5pm or by appointment
Please direct inquiries to
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Athenaeum: Jan 15-31

Form Index
Opening Reception: Friday Jan 15th from 6-10pm
Exhibition Dates: Jan 15-31, 2016

Project Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition featuring artist Camille Jodoin-Eng.
Jodoin-Eng’s work engages with the spatial and sensory properties of light by using mirrors to create illusions of space. In an experiment to visually unfold abstract concepts of expanding space, she translates compositions through orthographic drawings, paper and digital models into glowing sci-fi devices made from plastic, wood, metal and electrical components. She constructs optical instruments that embody a dualistic infinity, where the internal depths of the mind are projected into the vastness of infinite space. The interplay between physical and psychological space is emphasized by the illusion of impossible dimensions and perspective.
Project Gallery is located at 1109 Queen St E
Open regularly Wed-Sun 12-5pm or by appointment
Please direct inquiries to
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Opening Reception: Thursday November 19th 2015

Exhibition Dates: November 19 – January 10, 2016

Project Gallery will be hosting it’s annual salon-style art exhibition at our Queen Street gallery location from November 19 – January 10, 2016. This two month-long exhibit will showcase a dynamic roster of many artists working with diverse subject matter, media and styles.

The Salon exhibition style was established in 1667 in France by the Academie des Beaux-Arts and held in the Louvre. To accommodate the vast quantity of work submitted by students of the Academie, artworks were displayed from floor to ceiling with little space separating frames. This style has since been incorporated throughout history in museums and galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario’s display of its European collection.

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LISA JOHNSON: “Mazinaw” Oct 15-28, 2015


Opening reception: October 15, 2015 from 6 – 9pm

Exhibition dates: Oct. 15-28, 2015

Lisa Johnson weaves geographic, corporeal, and abstract sensibilities through layers of atmospheric grounds and gestural mark-making.The exhibition ‘Mazinaw’ brings together a collection of works that draw inspiration from on-location studies in the ‘shield country’ of North-Eastern Ontario, specifically, landscapes surrounding the iconic Bon Echo Rock. Rising 100 metres from Mazinaw Lake, this dramatic pre-Cambrian cliff has for centuries inspired artists with its sublime power.

Speaking to the passage of time over an evolving landscape, Johnson creates theatrical worlds of wilderness landscape – dramas expressed with the visceral physicality of paint in a passionate, gestural dance. Delineating space with thick impasto marks juxtaposed against expansive skies, Johnson’s paintings suggest the forces of nature that we cannot see — the movement and ever-changing qualities of light and weather, wind and water. While each painting stands apart from the next, Johnson’s paintings share an emotional vitality that evokes a personal and direct experience of landscape.

Lisa Johnson’s work is a painterly response to nature — not “views” of landscape as object, but immersions into an experience of place — a landscape of the mind.

Mazinaw invites the public to experience Johnson’s painterly inquiry into the experience of landscape and the forces of nature. Project Gallery will host an opening reception for Mazinaw on October 15, 2015 from 6 – 9pm and the artist will be in attendance.

About Lisa Johnson

Johnson has been painting professionally for over 20 years and her influences include old and new masters, from de Kooning and Soutine to Tom Thomson and Susanna Heller. Her paintings enquire into space and movement within the context of landscape painting. Through her ethereal and sculpted pigment Johnson depicts vast landscapes where figures seem to poetically emerge.

Lisa Johnson graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, where she also won the prestigious Mrs. W.O. Forsythe Award for 4th year women painters in 1996.  Johnson studied under sculptor Tom Dean and most recently with Harold Klunder. Lisa Johnson’s work has been shown in solo and group shows throughout Canada and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in the Canada, U.S.A., and Europe.

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GRIT/SHEEN: Erin Loree Solo Oct 1 – 14

Good Intentions


Erin Loree works intuitively and expressively with oil paint on canvas and panel, combining smooth gradients with thick visceral marks. Her work alludes to human or ghostlike forms, abstract landscapes, and natural phenomena. An emphasis on mark-making and gesture can be seen in her high chroma, abstract compositions. Loree uses the process of painting to explore and investigate themes of transformation, impermanence, and duality.

Primarily concerned with the inner world of the individual, the work in GRIT/SHEEN attempts to shine light on the deep recesses of the human spirit, acknowledging the coexistence of light and dark within human consciousness. Loree expresses this duality by creating visual tension through her use of both harmonious and dissonant colour combinations, by contrasting thick textured areas with smooth and diffused gradients of colour, and by balancing organic and expressive forms with hardedge strokes and excavations. The result is work that embodies these dualities and is simultaneously beautiful and gritty, light and heavy, ephemeral and solid.

In this body of work, Loree continues to explore the dynamic relationship between intention and chance while focusing on the process of discovery. She works without references and allows each mark to dictate the next, which results in a series of risk-taking and problem-solving moments. She actively attempts to diminish any preconceived ideas of what the painting should become and encourages change and evolution throughout the process. Struggles and triumphs are evident as the viewer becomes acutely aware of artist’s process and sense of being present during the creation of each piece. Each painting is limitless in terms of its potential to become what it needs to in any given moment. As a result, her works don’t follow prescribed formulae of conventional painting, but instead continuously test and expand the possibilities by which a painting can unfold and be experienced.

*The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council for this exhibition


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no more doubt, no more fears, : Sept 10-30




*The exhibition has an extended viewing at our studio location from October 2-22nd, 

*Studio-Gallery Opening Reception: Friday Oct 2nd 6-9pm

*Studio-Gallery Exhibition Dates:  Oct 2 -22, 2015 (at 184 Munro St. by appointment)


Gallery Opening Reception: Thursday Sept 10th 6-10pm

Gallery Closing Reception: Sunday Sept 27th 5-9pm

Gallery Exhibition Dates: Sept 10 – 30, 2015

From September 10-30th 2015, artist Tessar Lo will inhabit Project Gallery for his exhibition ‘no more doubts, no more fears,’. Transforming the gallery space into a temporary working studio and home, Lo works to achieve an immersive and free stream-of-thought mode of creating, in hopes of revealing an essence of ideation and revelation through both successful and failing attempts at making intention visible.

Sharing his artistic process with complete transparency, Lo aims to integrate and display a new level of vulnerability, creative power, and genuine expression through this exhibition. Regularly creating works on paper and canvas, as well as affecting the space through installation as well as his presence and process, Lo demonstrates how the act of creating can be an ambition, expression, and even a step towards a more abstract ideal or feeling of betterment.

Tessar Lo creates bold works driven by otherworldly, but perhaps also autobiographical narratives that explore themes of time, identity, mysticism, innocence, transformation, symbology and abstraction. Through raw and expressive forms, figures, and environments Tessar creates dream-like atmospheres where different contemporary, historic, and fictional cultures find convergence. Lo’s artist practice emphasizes process and the importance of discovery, regularly innovating his use of media and artwork format while maintaining potent recurring themes, symbols, and a clearly unique aesthetic.

Lo studied illustration at Sheridan College, and has been exhibited in group exhibition in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.


For more details contact Devan Patel

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