• SALON V – Annual Holiday Show: Nov 17 – Jan 20


    Exhibition Dates: November 17 – January 20, 2018
    Opening Reception:
    Friday November 17th 6-9pm
    Project Gallery (1210 Dundas St E)

    Project Gallery is pleased to announce its 5th annual holiday salon-style exhibition on display from Nov 17 – Jan 20th featuring hundreds of artworks.

    The Salon exhibition style was established in 1667, by the French Academie des Beaux-Arts and held in Paris at Louvre. In order to accommodate the vast quantity of work submitted by students of the Academie des Beaux-Arts, artworks were displayed from floor to ceiling with little space separating frames. This style has since been incorporated throughout history in museums and galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario’s display of its European collection.

    Project Gallery integrates this historic exhibition style for the 5th time in its upcoming SALON. The gallery’s walls will be strategically filled from floor to ceiling with over 250 stand-out artworks by top Toronto-based emerging artists. In celebration of Project Gallery’s collaboration of historic tradition and contemporary artwork, there will be an opening reception Friday November 17th from 6-9pm.



    Bobby Mathieson

    Brian Harvey

    Callen Schaub

    Cathy Daley

    Chad Gauthier

    Chen Cao

    Colin Davis

    Colin Zipp

    Dominique Fung


    Emily May Rose

    Georgina Walker

    Greg McCarthy

    Jean-Luc Lindsay

    Kelly Mark

    Kevin Columbus

    Kisung Koh

    Lauren Perlc-McArthur

    Megan Ellen MacDonald

    Ness Lee

    Nick Bierk

    Phuong Nguyen

    Rajni Perera

    Sara Pearson

    Sarah Letovsky


    Tessar Lo

    Tony Taylor




    The gallery is located at 1210 Dundas St E and open Tues-Sat 11am-6pm


    For inquiries please contact




  • No One Notices The Landscape Within You: Nov 9 – Dec
    Opening Reception: Thursday Nov 9th 6-8pm (RSVP)
    Exhibition Dates: Nov 9 – Dec 3, 2017
    Location: Project Studios (184 Munro St – rear)
    ‘No One Notices The Landscape Within You’ brings together the work of Chad Gauthier and Michael Pitropov that both explore portraiture and the the role of introspection in the process of painting. The works carry out of conversation of what it means to exist in a pictorial landscape while also questioning the role of narrative and frozen action in a painted scene.

    Gauthier works draws from french film stills as reference to highlight poetic moments of cinematography, and the search for meaning within the frame. The vulnerability of his figures conveys the inner struggle for honesty against deception and invites the viewer to escape within the image, and be immersed in the representation of the figure. The painting seeks for moments of clarity and to distill the overabundance of media saturation into small moments of escapism and meditation.

    Pitropov displays figures in pastoral nocturnal landscapes, engaging in activities that are deliberately unclear to the viewer and left up to interpretation. His surreal scene in which the isolation of the figure is central can be used as allegory or allusion to greater events.

    Both artists work to open the viewer up to moments of isolation in which small gestures can be broadened out to convey a greater political, personal, or spiritual insight. Pitropovs works seeks moments when the isolation can become invigorating and stem to desire and intrapersonal relationships, while Gauthier provides a counterpoint in which the isolation can be either detrimental or alienating, lending his paintings a sense of eerie isolation. Where Pitropov work draws the viewer in and makes them wish they were invited into a party unfolding before them, Gauthier’s work shroud the moment from the viewer lending a truly spooky look into moments they will never see.