• Camille Jodoin-Eng – The Gate

    Opening Reception: Thursday November 29th from 6-9pm
    Exhibition Dates: November 29th – January 12th
    Location: Project Gallery, Dundas Location (1210 Dundas Street E)

    Project Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Camille Jodoin-Eng.

    The Gate lifts off from the prominent themes in my previous works, which use repetition and symbology to create a physical manifestation of otherwise intangible spaces and structures. Often I’m inspired by shrines, and temples as spaces devoted to reflecting on otherworldly existences. The purpose of The Gate, is to use human-made materials to instead draw focus on our earthly existence and reflect on this present.

    “Juice surges through the shimmering city, ancient patterns and symmetry echo through state-of-the-art cosmopolitan blocks. It’s bones constructed from stone and candied plastic reflect cerebral systems. The inhabitants of this psychic space are fleeting by nature, shifting frequencies, difficult to pin down. Hurried production of tower after tower, a pinnacle of tomorrow, yesterday’s crumbling rubble is discarded.

    The city’s perimeter is strewn with shiny scraps, bits and bobs. Trash has been recovered from the fringe and reconstructed by small hands. So often the creation of art can sometimes fall into the vacuum of production and over-consumption. Cut off from the endless rows of high rises by a swirling moat of cerebrospinal fluid is a gleaming port. A bridge leads to a magnetic archway. These chromed temple gates are action centric transitional portals. How to exist everywhere all at once: A future form of transportation.

    A stream of thought is a perpetual and unpredictable corkscrew through a grid of time and space, a constant flux between endless, minuscule moments. Feel free to rewind or fast forward to any point. Language is a form of virtual reality, once meaning is assigned it can no longer be unseen, like drawing lines from dot to dot on a puzzle.”

    Artist Bio:

    Camille Jodoin-Eng (b.1991) is an artist based in Toronto. Her work is an experiment in intuitive language, a meditation of interplay between physical and psychological space. Jodoin-Eng has developed a studio practice that involves drawing, sculpture, fabrication, installation and a growing visual language of personal symbols. Select exhibitions include: Wires webs veins nerves roots stems (8-11 Gallery), Plaza (The Gladstone Art Hut), Athenaeum (Project Gallery) and Trident (Little Sister Gallery). Her work has recently been featured by Vice, as well as CBC. She completed her BFA at OCAD University (2014) and is currently represented by Project Gallery and Art Works Consulting.

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  • Callum Schuster – Ferrodolia

    Opening Reception: Thursday January 10th
    Exhibition Dates: January 10th – 27th
    Location: Project Gallery, Queen Location (1151 Queen Street E)

    Project Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition entitled ‘Ferrodolia’ by Callum Schuster.

    Ferrum – Iron (Latin)

    Ferromagnetism is the basic mechanism by which certain materials form permanent magnets, or are attracted to magnets. In physics, several different types of magnetism are distinguished.

    Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.

    Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation. Historically, spectroscopy originated through the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength, by a prism.


    These works are made from things collected from around a place I call home. Home is also an idea and feeling represented by the colours made by things collected from that area. Iron is mixed into the colour pigment to give body to the feeling. Iron dust is then magnetized to create an image that is a symbol of the place or object the colour was made from. The coupling of matter and energy, here becoming form through the laws of attraction and given meaning through the act of looking by a conscious observer, creates the experience of the artwork.

    A thought on “home”; a place, memory and identity…

    This summer I moved into an apartment that was recently built on the same land as my childhood home. Returning to this location brings comfort, nostalgia as well as notions of disassociation. There are both subtle and substantial similarities but many more major changes in the neighborhood. Realizing that these changes coincide with changes in my personal growth revealed a tension I hold between the idea of my self, what I call Home and time. These relationships test how I see myself presently which ironically are reinforced through past memory and future aspirations. In Toronto locations are changing/developing all the time and as individuals (and a whole species) we are too. Learning to embrace change in oneself can be as difficult as accepting changes in one’s environment. We cannot hold onto memories forever even though they inform us of where we’ve come from and inspire hope and direction for a future. Being in the present can be just as difficult but can be the fulcrum between inside and outside, past and future…

    Artist Bio:
    Schuster’s art practice pivots around his interests in the psychology of space, perception and its effects on peoples behaviour. He explores this idea by collecting materials from his environment and turning the things he finds into paint. The paint and colour become symbols for the external world and ones internal beliefs. The relationship between spaces becomes important as binaries are blended and ones idea of a thing is met with the thing itself represented in a pure form, its essence in colour and texture.  Schuster graduated from OCADU’s Drawing and Painting program in 2011. His work has been exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions, including Palindrome Dome Metronome Home at O’Born Contemporary (Toronto), More Than Two (curated by Micah Lexier) at The Power Plant (Toronto), an off-site exhibition at the Havana Biennale, as well as public installations for the City of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and WayHome Music and Arts Festival.

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  • Stefan Herda – A Different Sort of Landscape











    Opening Reception: Friday Nov 23rd, 6-9pm
    Exhibition Dates: November 24th – December 29th
    Location: Project Studios, 184 Munro Street (rear)

    Project Studios is pleased to host an exhibition of work by artist Stefan Herda, curated by Callum Schuster.

    Artist Statement:

    “My work reflects upon natural processes and phenomena with an alchemical curiosity. Through material investigations, process based experimentation and field research, I try to negotiate our often troubling relationship to nature while reconnecting with forgotten technologies and alternative means of making.

    My current work combines wood formations with different household and industrial chemicals to create objects that suggest natural geological formations: geodes, mineral specimens and natural curios. As we all know, most natural crystal formations form slowly over time due to geological forces, such as sedimentation, erosion, and geothermal activity. However, my work acts as a simulation or stand in by mimicking these natural processes using provisional chemistry from a suburban environment. These objects are assembled through forays through hardware stores, industrial zones and nature alike, realized through both experimental and traditional means of sculptural technique. Considering these glaring contrasts, I hope to assess if my objects will elicit the same sense of curiosity as a geode formed by the earth millions of years ago.

    Through intervention and illusion, I question the artist’s storied role in illustrating natural phenomena and how one’s aesthetic interpretation can blur lines between reality and fiction. I hope to suggest a possible reality where these objects could exist to foster new understandings and considerations towards our ever-shifting relationship to both the natural and manufactured processes around us.”

    Stefan Herda employs intuitive scientific methodology in his practice. Herda’s work explores our often troubling relationship to the nature while reconnecting with outmoded technologies and various alternative means of production. Many of his experiments reflect upon geological and natural phenomena using provisionally sourced materials from the domestic environment.

    Stefan received his BAH from the University of Guelph in 2010. His work in both sculpture and video has been included in exhibitions nationally. Stefan recently held a solo show at Wil Kucey Gallery (Toronto), presented video and sculptural installations for Cultivars: Possible Worlds at InterAccess (Toronto) and was featured as one of 12 artists in the Cabinet Project in collaboration with the Fields Institute of Mathematics and the Physics Department at the University of Toronto.

    Originally from Scarborough, Stefan currently works in Toronto.

    Project Studios is located at 184 Munro St (rear) and is open for receptions and by appointment only. Please contact to request an appointment and for further inquiries.