Current Canada Exhibition Trends

The modern art scene within Canada is thriving. There are numerous fantastic exhibitions to explore. People who have visited several of them may have noticed a number of popular trends which are likely to continue for the rest of the year.

Focus on the Indigenous Art Community

There has already been an abundance of Indigenous art exhibitions at the start of 2020 and a number of upcoming ones will also focus on it. Many gallery curators have recognized the importance of giving Indigenous artists a space to showcase their work. Vancouver in particular has become a hub for this emerging movement.

Emphasis on Multimedia Digital Art

The use of multimedia has always been an important aspect of modern art. This year has been no exception. There are plenty of Canadian exhibitions which feature a mixture of different digital formats. Animation in particular has proven to be very popular. Some current exhibitions have even used digital multimedia to allow patrons to interact with the art pieces.

Large Scale Curated Collections

Another recent trend is to display the works of many different artists all in one curated collection. It allows patrons to experience a broad range of pieces all in one place.

Fewer Traveling Exhibitions

Recent lockdown rules has meant that art troupes are being dissuaded from touring. Instead, they are much more likely to remain in one location. Therefore, art fans interested in a particular exhibition may have to travel to it themselves.

Emerging Talent Getting Center Stage

One of the more positive new trends is the recent emphasis on displaying the work of newer artists. This will help to give them an opportunity to reach a large audience. It also means that galleries will display more varied and never-seen-before types of art. Current exhibitions in Canada are filled with emerging talent.