Contemporary Canadian Artists

The current art scene in Canada is thriving. There is a wide abundance of artists from a broad range of backgrounds. Each one is unique, using their own methods and mediums, with different focuses. Here are just some of the contemporary artists in Canada that are worth exploring.

Rodney Graham

Graham is a multimedia artist who hails from Vancouver. He is well known for working in a broad variety of fields, including painting, music, film, photography and performance. His art tends to contain allusions to classic and popular culture. There is also often the portrayal of endlessly looping activities.

Jeff Wall

Wall works primarily in photography, particularly back-lit Cibachrome images. He is known for his cinematographic approach when it comes to constructing photo-based narratives. He stages his work in such a way that it appears as if the subjects are regular every day members of the public.

Philip Guston

Guston is a painter with a unique style that has been called “cartoon realism”. It is heavily influenced by Italian paintings from the Renaissance period. However, his subjects are contemporary in nature. They sometimes portray dark themes, such as violence and racism. His more recent works have an abstract flair to them.

Janet Cardiff

Not all contemporary artists are focused on visual mediums. Janet Cardiff uses sounds to create multi-sensory experiences in her installations. She likes to take her audiences into unsettling places. She originally worked alongside her husband during the 1990s. However, she is mostly revered for her solo projects.

Jean-Paul Riopelle

This artist was involved with the School of Paris. His paintings are of the Abstract Expressionist movement. However, he is also very experimental. Spray cans are an important part of his later period. The career of Riopelle has been very varied, making it difficult to pin down his unique style.